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The Hardest Lesson: Obedience

Your Season Has a Purpose

Listen, Linda -

Obedience is one of the most difficult but rewarding things to practice in your faith. It can be so painful and heart shattering when Jesus tells you to do something you don’t necessarily want to do or give something up you love so much.

But, when you know that God is calling you to do something, regardless of how difficult it's going to be or how much pain you will have to endure, the best and most fruitful thing you can do is listen and obey. 

When I think about obedience, I think a lot about the picture of Jesus kneeling in front of a child. He is asking his child to give up their teddy bear, even though the child is crying, not wanting to give it up. Little does the child know that behind Jesus’ back is a larger teddy bear - something bigger and better waiting for the child if they can just trust Him and obey. 

It’s so hard while you are in that space where Jesus is asking you to give up something you love so much. It’s confusing and doesn’t make any sense at the time that He would be asking you to give up something so good. But only He knows what is waiting for you if you obey. Only He knows the path where you are destined to go, the path He has designed for you to walk. And sometimes, the people and things you love are only put in your life for a season or a reason and those seasons end and those reasons have been fulfilled and it’s time to move on. It’s time to let go, listen, obey, and take the next step trusting that He’s got you. 

It doesn’t discount the love you have for those people or those things that you are being asked to leave behind because even if they aren’t meant for where you are going, they are part of the reason you got to where you are. And it’s truly a gift to live those seasons out, regardless of how much it may hurt when it’s time to close the chapter. 

When this transition happens, surround yourself with people who love you and will continue to encourage you to live out that purpose. Those people who will wrap you up in love and support and won’t let you turn back to a place that’s no longer meant for you. These people are a gift from Jesus, as He knows you will need people like this to help you through this painful season.

In addition to those people, lean into the peace of the Lord, knowing that it is what He is calling you to do. You have to take the step. You have to endure the pain to experience the fruit he has waiting for you. Every season has a purpose, so trust what He is doing in you.


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